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Today is dragging like shit!

Is it bad that my coping mechanism for my job is to count how much money I’m earning every hour? “Right, there’s 20….okay, 40….come on, nearly 60..”

I can’t even put a film on for my students because the fucking speakers in my room don’t work. Torture.


ok tumblr, i hear you loud and clear. Leonardo DOES deserve an Oscar. 

but are we just going to ignore the fact that Johnny Depp has no Oscar either?













Johnny Depp plays the same eccentric weirdo in every film he’s in. Decent actor overall but he’s overrated to the fucking moon and has limited range.

Getting up and going to work every morning is soul destroying, I don’t know why we do it.  Humans weren’t meant to live this way. 

I’m all for the expression of different opinions and preferences, but if you think the US Office is better than the UK original, you’re wrong. 

Happy 100th anniversary to the start of World War 1!  Well, not happy anniversary, but you know what I mean.  Important anniversary. 


White people get mad when you wear a band t shirt of a band you don’t listen to, but they’re fine with wearing headdresses from cultures they know and care nothing about.

A crime against humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in no way a violent man and I never lash out in times of frustration, but Jesus fucking Christ would I love to give a select few of my students a hard back-hander.

They’re paying (Or their parents are, to be more accurate) thousands upon thousands of pounds to come to England and learn English, but half of them couldn’t give a shit and put no effort into anything.

Must be nice to be so rich and care-free that you can spunk more money than most people earn in a year up the wall just so you can have a glorified holiday in Europe. The majority of them care more about buying expensive clothes and gadgets than they do getting an education and progressing in their lives.

But then again, would I be any different if I had no financial worries? Who knows.

Fuck it, I still get paid whether they pass or fail!

So this week at my job we’re supposed to be teaching English related to “the Arts”.  This is wonderful news for me because it means I can screen films all week long for my students and get them to write reviews. 

On the Wednesday I think I’ll show them a bunch of short films, and on the Thursday I’ll get them to spend all day making their own 90 second short film on their phones and screen them at the end of the day.  

Fucking easy week for me.