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I just watched ‘Noah' with Russell Crowe..

God-awful.  A giant mess of biblical proportions… 

*Insert other religious puns here.

Just bought myself a PlayStation 4 with my “hard earned” money (snigger

Looking forward to becoming a recluse on Thursday!

Nights out with me are really fun. 

I wish people would fuck off with that Timehop thing.  

Yeah, such a wacky status you wrote three years ago there.  You’re such a character. 

I just saw ‘Lucy’..

Uhh, yeah… This is horrendous in every way.
I think Luc Besson read a wikipedia article about brain functionality one night and decided to copy and paste the text into the script. Absolutely fucking terrible.
It’s so unintentionally funny. It’s so bad it’s good in a way, but then it reverts back to just being really, really bad.
I’m lost for words. See it for yourselves (Although don’t fucking pay for it, obviously.)

Anonymous asked
Sorry, I'm a guy but holy shit you're so damn attractive


I’m so glad I shave regularly now. It wasn’t a good look.

My hair is on point though.


Punch-Drunk Love (2002) dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

I have to get more pudding for this trip to Hawaii. As I just said that out loud I realize it sounded a little strange but it’s not.

My 2nd favourite film of all time.